How to Get the Best Recording from a Voiceover Talent

So you’re about to give a voice over talent a rundown on how to read your script. You’ve listened to plenty of auditions and you know that he or she has the right sound for the job. How do you steer them in the right direction without over-directing, being vague, or just generally over complicating things?

Here are 7 essential steps you should follow to make sure the recording session goes smoothly and you get the file back sooner with fewer re-records.

  • Ensure scripts are double spaced or at least 1.5pt spaced if using a word processor. This makes it easier for the voice talent to read.
  • It may seem obvious, but commas and full-stops (periods) make a huge difference to the way a line is read.
  • Phonetically spell out any hard to spell names, including place names, towns, cities, last names. Example: Massapequa (Mass-ah-pee-kwa) Some names may be common to you, but not to someone else.
  • Always spell out phone numbers. Is 866-494-3000  (Eight Double Six – Four Nine Four – Thirty Double Zero) Or (Eight Six Six – Four Ninety Four – Three Triple Oh)?
  • Point out to the voice talent some examples from their demos for the style you would like. Should it be soft and slow, or loud and fast? Try and give a simple, clear vocal direction, but don’t give too much!
  • Give the voice some background on the product or idea being sold. Who is the targeted listener or consumer? Professional voice talent will be able to further decipher how to interpret the script.
  • Don’t involve too many people in the direction. It gets very confusing. A great tip is to give the voice talent the best direction you can, then allow them some creativity to send you three or four different styles to choose from.

Follow these steps and get your recording back quicker and with less time wasted, a better recording, and less stress for everyone.

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