How to Tell Your Voice Over Brand Story


The Coca-Cola Christmas Caravans adverts are one of the best brand storytelling ever made. Every year since it started in 1995 there is global anticipation what Coca-Cola would come up with its Christmas advertisement. One consumer hit the nail on the head when he described that there is always this “Wow!” factor whenever Coke’s Christmas truck is seen cruising along a quaint Christmas village in its TV adverts. But, sans the Christmas glitter and the now classic image of Santa Claus Coca-Cola remained true to its image and authentic identity that feel good and refreshing feeling when you drink a bottle/can of Coke. Whatever the marketing packaging and slogan (Taste the feeling or Share a Coke) is the idea and feelings associated with drinking Coke such as happiness, relaxation, friends and sharing is translated in every advert.

In an earlier article, we mentioned authenticity as essential in building a name for your voice over brand. Of course, you may say that your brand is not as unique as Lego, Google or as hauntingly refreshing as Coke. But, the story behind the creation of your niche is uniquely yours. This is what you should build on for your brand’s story.

What is brand storytelling?

It is a marketing strategy to effectively connect with your target client. In this era of digital economy and the Internet, the challenge of being creative and yet remaining true to your brand’s values may be difficult. You may say that the best ideas have already been made, the best stories already been told, think again. Your story has yet to be told. Marketing experts and strategists would advise that you have to imbibe that “superhero” attitude in creating your brand story. Meaning, think how would the industry be without your voice.

Read through the success stories of the likes of Microsoft or iPhone, what was the common intent of both industry revolutionaries Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? To make things easier for consumers, whether it’s a program application or a new operating system their brand’s values focused on consumer needs. Think like a consumer, like a buyer. Would you hire yourself for voice over work? Is your brand story convincing? Is it authentic or unique?

Marketing promotions delve into the emotional language of the consumers. This would require research on your target clients’ buyer personas. What would make them hire you? Then the question that would follow is how do you make your brand/niche their story?

If your target clients are those in the e-learning industry, then make your story all about being natural and conversational, able to grab and sustain attention. Align your brand story with that of your target genre or category. The best brand stories are those who are fully engaged in their target market or audience.

Telling your story will not be as daunting, by remembering these value points:

The current marketing and corporate buzzwords are now how to be and stay authentic, real and unique. Think of how Mel Blanc became the legend of voice over characters and animation; or how Don LaFontaine earned the title of “The Voice of God”; or how Jim Dale became the undisputed King of audiobooks. All versatile voice over artists, but known for the niche they have created in the industry.

Are you working on your niche? What is your voice over brand story?

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