Some Tips When Deciding Which Voice Over Website To Be Listed On

There’s now voice over listing websites popping up on every corner of the web. Some list ridiculously low rates and then take 50% commission. Some make you pay a large fee up front and then it’s up to you to negotiate rates with the client. But what is their incentive to find you work? Are they interested in you, teaching new talent about the industry or just selling site subscriptions to anyone?

One site actually asks you to go out and promote them for commission!  You pay them, and then they ask you to be an ‘affiliate’ for them. It’s incredible!

Is their main goal to find you jobs or get money from ANYONE, however they can?

Here at The Voice Realm, we work for commission; therefore we have incentives to pro-actively seek out more work for our voice talent.

Questions you should be asking yourself before committing to any site is:

  • Do they allow anyone to join up and be listed alongside professional talent?
  • Can anyone pay money to join and call themself a ‘voice over talent’?
  • Will other voices be able to ‘underbid’ you to clients?
  • Do they restrict how many auditions you can do?
  • Do they list over 500 voices? (This is not a good thing)
  • Are they more interested in selling subscriptions to those beginning in the industry than finding you more jobs?

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Let’s say you were looking to hire a professional voice talent.

You submit your script to a site and all the voice talent begin to audition. The custom auditions begin to trickle in; many of them are extremely amateurish, because literally anyone can join their ranks. So professional voice actors are showing up along with beginners.

You’re seeing different rates from around 100 voices. It’s extremely confusing.

Could you imagine the frustration of being a client and dealing with this?


The Voice Realm is different. All voice talent rates are clear and set, so voice talent don’t list different rates. Our rate card has actually gone up over the past 6 months, not down.

There are less than 400 voice talent, so you don’t get lost in a sea of tens of thousands of voices. This means our voice talent book more jobs directly, with less auditions.

Because all work is completed through the site, any problems that arise are dealt with promptly, with customer support resolving issues.

Lastly, go through the database of talent listed on any site you’re considering joining. Do they ALL sound professional?  Or does it appear anyone can join? How many profiles are listed on the site?

Consider all of the above before you invest your time and money to your online voice over career.

Click here to see a recent list of professional voice talent who have secured work through The Voice Realm, including ongoing radio imaging for a Las Vegas radio station where we even negotiated extra fees for market exclusivity.

Does your current site do that for you?

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