Using Voice Over Talent To Record For Video Remotely. Is It Possible?

Some clients are hesitant about using a voice over talent from an online voice casting website to record audio that will be synced with vision.

After all the client and voice over talent are sometimes  on opposite sides of the country, in some instances the other side of the world.

The simplest way to get around this problem is by providing the voice talent with a required length of audio for each paragraph or block of text throughout the script. That way the audio comes back to the client/producer and perfectly slots into place through the video.

If a vocal piece is too short or too long by a few seconds it can generally be fixed in post production by lengthening or shortening pauses.

The days of a voice talent being required to physically be in the studio have long gone. Thanks to technology professional voice talent can now be directed via applications such as Source Connect, Skype, phone patch and ISDN.

Here at The Voice Realm we have cast national television commercials that have all been recorded remotely without the client and voice ever being in the same room. The time and money that was saved by using this process has been substantial.

Here is a video used to promote the City of San Antonio’s SA2020 project.

The client used the golden tonsils of Stefan with no audition and no re-records.

Sounds pretty good right!

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