Voice Actor’s Secret to Getting Repeat Clients

Who would want to settle on one-time voice over projects and squeeze their source of income solely out of jobs taken by chance and with no promise of repeat? It’s sure as hell every voice actor’s business goal — to establish a strong customer relationship and make recurring clients.

1. Earn your client’s trust and confidence

Bear this in mind: Your aim is to not just earn a quick buck. Your ultimate goal is to cultivate a long-term connection with your clients.

Just because you have the best testimonials and big reputation, doesn’t mean you need not to exert effort in focusing on your clients. They do not care about what others say and they won’t be convinced unless they experience your merit first-hand. Therefore, you must earn their confidence and trust that they are in good hands. Reassuring your client from time to time when needed and continuously proving yourself is part of your job to make them feel secure.

2. Exceed your client’s expectation with the voice over value you provide

Perhaps every voice actor is capable of delivering a good output. The battle here is who outstands and exceeds the industry standard. You have to deliver a stellar voice over product that is more than the price paid. You’re not just in the business of providing a mediocre voice over. You are in the business of adding value. If the client sees you thriving to provide more value than what is asked, they will surely get impressed and value you too.

3. Submit your voice over output the earliest you can

Make it a habit to not just meet a deadline, beat it! Everyone loves having something finished ahead of time. So if you submit your voice over product to your client early, there’s nothing you can cause them but happiness and satisfaction which convert to repeating business with you.

4. Reply your clients as fast as you can

Nobody wants a late response, so never make your clients wait. If you reply fast, they feel prioritized and really valued. It also simplifies your transactions which saves you both time.

voice over client review

5. Personalize your communication with your clients

Voice mail and email make it easy to communicate, but the personal touch is lost. Don’t count these as a legitimate follow-up. If you’re having trouble getting through, leave a voice-mail message that you want to talk to the person directly or will stop by their office at a designated time. Also, by as simple as using their first name consistently in every talk, you are establishing a good connection to them. This way, they are likely to keep you as they have felt a personal connection with you.

6. Seamless transactions all throughout the project

Because remember, “Customer’s always first”. As the owner of your voiceover business, you are completely accountable of your client’s overall experience. If you want them to repeat business with you, make them feel like everything’s on their favor and do not arrange a setup or ask them to do something wherein they would feel burdened.

For example, in making payments, make it painless to pay you. Ask your clients what their preferred payment method is. If they prefer PayPal, use PayPal. If they like direct bank transfer, it’s not bad to do a little adjustment especially if it’s a new client.

7. Avoid arguments with your clients

Arguing with your client is a no-no. Your client is the one who pays you, so there’s no way you should make them feel you are dominant over them. Otherwise if you push harder, poof! Your client is gone.

Remember that even though you know better than them when it comes to voice over, it’s THEIR project. If they want it read a certain way, do it. You can offer a suggestion but just remember if they say no that you’re the hired voice and it’s your job to do what they ask.

8. Go the extra mile of aiding them on small issues or requests

When your client calls you for a small fix, never hesitate to cater their request. It might be an additional burden in your part, but rather take it as an opportunity to show more to them. It’s the least you can do aside from giving them the voice over products they have paid for. Of course in return, your client feels a premium service which creates a high chance of hiring you for their further projects.voice over client review

9. Take note of special occasions, should there be

Send your regular clients birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, you name it. Gifts are excellent follow-up tools, too. You don’t have to spend a fortune; use your creativity to come up with interesting gift ideas that tie into your business or the client’s business.

10. Promote your clients

When you finish a project with a client, ask them if you can upload a copy of the recordings in your website or social media, with a link back to them. Let them learn that plugging them to your digital channel will not just benefit you, but expand their network.

11. Consistent reassurance after the project

If you want an intimate relationship with your client, your assurance should not stop on the end of the project. It can be just the beginning of the relationship, and some clients may need additional reassurance that they made a solid investment with you.

You can do this by simply extending your gratitude to them. You may send them a thank-you email or a hand-written card. Let them know how much you enjoyed working with them.

These easy tips can go a long way in making your client choose you for their next project and in maintaining a great reputation for yourself and a solid relationship with your clients.

How do you keep your clients coming back? Share it with us!

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