Where Voiceovers Help With The Psychological Triggers That Make Great Ads

The best way to increase sales is to start by fostering a relationship with your target audience. Ads are the most effective ways to do this however the content needs to be considered. Psychological triggers can help guide the content of the campaign and also influences the direction of how ads are produced such as – what right voice to hire for the voiceover, especially on video ads, TV and radio spots.

In an article written by Aaron Agius published in the Search Engine Journal, there were five psychological triggers discussed. To give a bit of a background,, Aaron Agius is an experienced search, content and social marketer. He has worked with some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands, for example Coca-Cola and Target to build their online presence.

Consumers turn to the internet for information when they need answers to their questions. On the internet alone, consumers have numerous options which is why it is important to demonstrate why they should listen to you. Data backed content is one way to establish your authority. Joining industry events and winning industry awards also solidifies your expertise and authority on the product and your brand. Top this off with the right voice talent, most of the time a male voice, that echoes your authority on your health care products and services and your brand comes off as believable, something consumers can trust.

When consumers can relate to your products or services, the more are they inclined to buy from you because they feel like they have something in common with you and they can trust you. When advertising companies create these ads, they use the face and voice that can speak about their products that target consumers can relate to.

Emotional Stories
You will notice that plenty of ads appeal to the emotional side of our brains. Like an ad for infant formula tells a story of how her infant has rapidly gained weight and is showing advanced signs of development such as learning to roll over or sit up before the recommended age of babyhood. This goes straight to a mother’s emotional side. That emotion is conveyed by the right content and voice to the audience for example on this ad perhaps an adult, female voice artist is ideal.

Create Your In-Crowd
The concept of this trigger is to get your audience on your side by ‘creating a common enemy’ as Agius put it. Identifying issues that currently matter to society and what do they NOT want to be is a good way to start. Of course you don’t want the finding-a-common-enemy part to be obvious, a subtle approach will do. This time, the ad would focus more on the issue than on the brand for example, the McDonalds “My Burger” campaign invited consumers in the United Kingdom to share insights and even recipes using the public as judges. The most popular suggestion is then put to the test in an actual McDonald’s kitchen. The winner was a McPizza Pepperoni Burger, a very good example of consumer innovation. Their consumers are not just consumers now as they all have a connection making this end products ‘theirs’, something ‘they’ conceived through a collective effort by sharing their insights.

The ultimate goal for this trigger is to convert those leads into actual sales. It is a psychological trigger innate in human beings and is the basis of most human cooperation. This can be incorporated by what Agius calls the “carrot content”. This can be done by offering something of value.

As voiceover actors, it is beneficial to learn about the psychological triggers as hopefully it helps develop the character required for each project – keeping in mind that we are reaching out to consumers.

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