Basic Steps in Achieving an Awesome Audition


Auditioning. It can be fun, it can be daunting, it can be draining, it can be exhilarating all depending on how you look at it. Let’s break it down and go through some of the basics of achieving an awesome audition.

1.) Make sure that your booth or studio is up to snuff. To keep yourself competitive, it is important to make sure you get a studio-quality microphone & amp; pop filter, and have a consistent and sound-proof space to record.

Using a closet space can be awesome if you don’t have the space to build a booth in the other areas of your home.

However, make sure that you are not using a closet that you will need to get into often.

If you are constantly taking clothes/blankets/linens out of that closet, this will affect the sound when you record. Lining the walls of the closet with 2” soundproof foam is great.


2.) Warm-up your voice. Give yourself your best chance by doing some quick vocal warmups to improve your sound.

Do tongue twisters, facial manipulation, and stretch your neck as well.

Not only does this prepare your body to record, but it also gives you a second to mentally prepare to do your best recording.


3.) Always read through the entire script and any notes on the script first. Get a clear idea of what the client is looking for and what feelings they are wanting to promote in the listener.

If you aren’t sure, ask. If that option is not available, from the information provided, take your best guess and go for it.


4.) When recording auditions and bookings it is important to pay attention to what the client is looking for, of course, but ALSO to put your own personality into the recording.  BE YOU.

Let what is unique about YOU be the part that hits the client in a way that makes them stop and pay attention and ultimately choose you for the booking. 

Generic is not interesting. Being unique is.

So let yourself flourish and really enjoy the recording process, because that will come across in your voice and make the end result so much better. The goal is to audition well and book the job, right? 

So give yourself a leg up and put some personality into your audios. You’ve got this!


5.) Always review your audio after you have recorded it and confirm that you like your delivery. Remove any mistakes (if you don’t use the punch and roll method) and cut out any distracting noises or anything else you know the client wouldn’t want to hear.


6.) Make sure the file is in the form that the client requested (MP3 or WAV usually) and voila! You did it. You just recorded and put out an awesome audition that you can feel good about. Take a sec to soak that in and pat yourself on the back for going for it and achieving it and then get back down to business and move on to your next audition. So there you have it. 

The basic of basics of auditioning for voiceover work. It’s a process like everything else, so keep at it and your work will get better and better.


Gracia is a voiceover actress, audiobook narrator, and rapid transformational hypnotherapist from Chicago. After graduating with a degree in vocal performance, she was introduced to the world of voiceover and audiobooks. She is a storyteller to her core and has enjoyed every minute of recording ever since!

You can hire her for female voice over jobs on this link

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