Bryan Olson, a youth inspiration

I’d love the opportunity to speak to youths and teach them that getting into the VO industry is a reality and a growing field.

Being inspired by someone successful makes you want to strive the best that you can be. Making them as your mentor while trying to achieve your desired career. We all know that voice over is one of the tough and competitive industry. So how do we stand out? Having flexible voice and being playful with your voice are some keys.

What will be your career in the future? Well, it’s hard to answer this because sometimes it happened that our career isn’t the one that we dreamed of but ended up loving it. Let’s find out how Bryan Olson makes it from scratch to success in voice over industry.

How was your journey back when you’re starting?

I got into the industry by doing my homework and learning about sound, recording, and voice acting. Then I made my way in. I don’t personally know anyone that does this. When I first started off doing Voiceovers, like many, I was confused, without direction, and frustrated. As I soon found out, there’s a lot more to learn than one might expect. You have to learn about recording techniques and how to read copy. If you plan on working from home full time, you need to learn how to make your home studio sound professional, how to market, how to run a business, have self discipline, and most importantly, learn how to graciously accept a rejection. Because it’s going to happen a lot!

Since you’ve done public speaking in the past, do you think you can influence the youth to jump in the VO industry?

Absolutely! My background involves public speaking and public reading. I’ve already had several youths talk to me about voiceovers. It takes a lot of studying and hard work just like any other profession. I always recommend they work on their reading and comprehension skills as that’s half the battle. I’d love the opportunity to speak to youths and teach them that getting into the VO industry is a reality and a growing field.

You have a flexible voice, capabale of manipulating it in many ways. What is your favorite way to use your voice?

What a lovely compliment, thank you! I’d have to say that my favorite voice to use is my natural voice. It just seems so much more relatable to people. Also, surprisingly enough, it can be a challenge to read copy in your natural voice. Every once in a while I like to switch it up and do some character voices just for the fun of it. That’s one thing I love about working in VO. Every day is different!

You recently booked a big job through the site. What was that?

To be honest, it was a tough experience. It was a large audiobook with an extremely tight deadline. However, I enjoyed the challenge! I had to make a very strict schedule for myself. Bit by bit, I chipped away at it and completed the largest book I’ve ever done in record time. I now have a new personal record all thanks to The Voice Realm.

What’s the most memorable voice over project you have done so far?

The most memorable voiceover project I’ve had so far is one where I worked with Sega and Amplitude Studios on the video game, “Endless Space 2”. It was really neat because I was patched in to their studio in France and there was 7 or 8 people tied in. There was only one person tied in that spoke English, everyone else spoke French and I don’t know a word of French. Anytime I went over a couple lines there was a whole conversation going on in French and at the end, the person that spoke English would give me a a quick rundown of what was said and we’d go from there. It was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time! Being able to work with people around the world from the comfort of your own home is incredible. 

How’s your experience so far with The Voice Realm?

So far my experience with The Voice Realm has been great! I’ve only recently joined and have booked several jobs. I really appreciate how The Voice Realm has set minimum voiceover rates and allows you to accept a job or not. I’m looking forward to a long and productive relationship with The Voice Realm and it’s clients!

The voice over industry isn’t for everybody but if it’s meant to be it will be. It doesn’t matter where you’ve started or how you’ve started, what matters is how you make it to the top.

       Bryan Olson can be hired through The Voice Realm. 



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