Voice Artists – Paying it Forward


Given the unprecedented times we are in and the way people live, work and interact is so different now, and may remain that way in the near (and not so near) future, have you as a voice artist ever thought about how we can pay it forward?

Paying it forward isn’t really a new concept – but we as voice artists have a unique opportunity to provide services to businesses, charitable organizations, and individuals that have either never thought of OR had the need to get a message out to employees, volunteers and or customers.  


As many of us are used to working as individuals, in our studios, using technology to make our small world very large – in a remote fashion.  We work with clients from all the corners of the globe, fulfilling a need they have identified in a professional and cost-effective manner.   We are experts in Zoom, Skype, Messenger, etc. when it comes to remote directed sessions and communicating with clients. 


Just think how imposing that could be for a small business or a community food pantry that is now facing a very distinct change in the way they need to get information out to their staff(s), to their customers or those that depend on them for necessary services.  


Yes, I know we are voice artist, but we can help with other things as well…  It isn’t always about what we say, but how we translate our skills (unique to us all) to help our local – as well as the global community.

In that vein a couple of things come to mind, with all of the new social distancing recommendations and protocols for various types of businesses, how do small business owners compile, produce AND distribute that information to the customers AND employees?


What I have done is work with my local Chamber of Commerce, and business leaders using social media to develop some basic e-Learning videos with narration for them to use for awareness, education, and training for their staff as it pertains to cleaning, disinfection, and social distancing best practices. 

Sharing these with them at NO Charge, as they are struggling now maybe more than any other group and offering to customize for nothing more than a donation to their businesses’ favorite charity when they get on their feet.


I have also reached out to the local Office of Emergency Management (OEM) as well for offering my services for PSAs,  awareness messages, and announcements – you know during these times they are swamped with so many unique requests they may be happy to offload some of that work to a person who can provide a high-quality product – one that studies show when using a professional whose voice exhibits the correct emotion will increase the retention and response to that message. 

That’s one less thing for them to worry about.


OK so we may have addressed the employee training side, what about the customers?  I have also provided some sample Message on Hold recordings – so business owners could identify what might make sense for their business to prepare their customers for the changes they will see when they start coming back to the businesses.  

The protocols will change and evolve, and this is a great way to help the business get their information out to their customers.


I hope these examples illustrate ways we can help our fellow small businesses – who unlike us who practice social distancing in our studios every day – make it through these tough times and come out viable on the other side. 

While it sounds like we are giving away our hard-earned product, one that pays OUR bills, but who knows, you may just have developed a client for the future and helped out a fellow person and their extended families in the present.  And isn’t that what paying it forward is all about???  


Steve has been a voice actor for over 3 years. He’s a professional voice artist from Illinois. He has been in front of the camera hosting numerous training videos – always adding a humorous flair to the videos.

You can check out more of Steve’s work and you may hire him on this link: http://www.thevoicerealm.com/view-profile-artist.php?artist_id=2931


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