Marketing Strategies for Your Voice Over Business

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Marketing strategies are the activities you make or a game plan you create when reaching out to people and turn them into clients. In order for your voiceover business to attract ideal clients and remain relevant, you need to consider employing several marketing strategies. Each marketing strategy can assist you in communicating with your specific clients through specific channels.

Here are several marketing strategies that will help you open opportunities more effectively and creatively.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the evolved version of direct mail marketing wherein you target your current and potential clients through direct contact. Once you have created a database, customized and personalized your emails so as not to come off as spam. It should be more than just promoting your services. It is developing a relationship with your current and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

The obvious go-to marketing strategy to date is social media marketing. But despite how conveniently available social media sites are, this can still be overlooked potential because of the investment in time needed to do customer engagement. This will involve establishing a strong social media presence and uplead through relevant and shareable content and cultivating relationships through engagement.

Article and Content Marketing

Speaking of shareable content, we have lumped together articles and content marketing as both can be powerful tools to display your knowledge and expertise in the voiceover industry. Creating blogs, vlogs, and other social media posts can help increase awareness of your voice over business and help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Call to Action (CTA) Marketing

CTA Marketing refers to methods or devices that are designed to prompt an immediate response from your leads. CTA is often overlooked and forgotten but it can be as simple as “click here”, “call now”, and “find out more” at the end of every article, every email you send out to your potential clients. And when done correctly it can be a strong conversion strategy that can help improve your web traffic, click-through, and of course sales.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Even with the emergence of various technical marketing strategies word of mouth marketing is still considered the most effective form of promotion. It is the passing of information about your business from person to person, whether through oral or written communication. Traditionally they are verbal endorsements, but it can also be manifested through Facebook likes, Twitter followers, reviews, testimonials, mentions, and forums.

Whatever marketing strategies you employ to use, planning is the key. Outline and quantify your goals and set aside time to actively and consistently work on these strategies in order to get the value you wish to achieve.

What marketing strategy or strategies have you been using to grow your voice over business?

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