Female Voice Talent Elizabeth Hales Is All Class

Elizabeth Hales is an online voice over superstar. When you need a professional, authoritative, yet classy and intelligent voice for your narration project, Elizabeth ticks all the boxes.

Female Voice Talent Elizabeth Hales.

Female Voice Talent Elizabeth Hales.

We caught up with her to find out how she’s been going recently.

  • How long have you been doing voice overs? How did you get started?

I started doing voiceover in January 2011 after my husband started doing voiceovers.  I figured since he had a recording studio, I should take advantage of it too!  I had an interest for a while and wanted to start training, but it was my husband, Brady Hales, who encouraged and inspired me.  I was in a job that was taking me away from wanting to be a full time actor, which now I can say I am.  I am able to work on camera and behind the mic.  What a blessing to do what you love doing and make money!  You never work a day in your life 🙂

  • What are some of the benefits of being a freelance voice actor and working from home?

Too many!  I’m the happiest girl alive!  I LOVE being my own boss, setting my own schedule, being in control.  I tried the 9 to 5 job and it didn’t suit my personality.  I love how every day, I get to act!  I learn about different things from how cell phones work to video game characters to awards shows!  And, the best part is: meeting and working with people all around the world.

  • How is The Voice Realm different to other sites you’ve seen?

The Voice Realm is less expensive to join, yet they send high quality auditions.  Their interface and website is easy to navigate and use.  You get paid QUICKLY after the job is completed instead of having to wait!

  • How has it helped you find new clients and jobs?

Absolutely amazing!  I have done some bigger projects through The Voice Realm.  Comcast XFinity, Nokia, and Weiman, as well as clients in Europe.

  • What’s the quality of voice over jobs like that you’ve seen come through the site? 

The quality is great!  I feel the price you are paid is worth the recording and editing time.

  • How about the assistance and support you’ve received from the site?

The Voice Realm is easily accessible.  They follow up with you about jobs if you haven’t opened a job you’ve booked.  I appreciate the deadline emails as well for when a job needs to be completed.

  • Where do you see the future of the voice over industry going?

Professional Home studios!  World wide connections!   A voice talent needs to be able to have the skills to self direct from what the client wants…..in China, or France.  Skype and other ways of communicating for direction is taking place of driving to a studio and paying a studio fee to record.

  • What are some of the benefits you’ve found from being in control of which jobs you audition for?

A benefit is if I’m interested in the topic of the project and if I feel the pay is worth my time, which in general, always is through The Voice Realm, I have control to audition or not.

You can hire female voice talent Elizabeth Hales through The Voice Realm.


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