Individual Coaching VS. Group Voiceover Coaching

There are two main types of voiceover coaching: the one-on-one coaching and the group class, each of which presents its own advantages and disadvantages. When considering the coaching setup, voice actors need to examine their benefits and challenges. You need to select what would pay off the most based on your budget, comfort level, and educational goals. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of both coaching types and see what you think will work best for you.

Individual Voiceover Coaching



Personalized attention and custom experience

When you work with a personal voiceover coach, his attention is focused solely on your voice, your needs, and your goals. His coaching method will also be tailored to your needs and to your skill level.

Working privately with a coach also develops a more intimate trainer-trainee relationship. Your experience can be more flexible — you own all the time and comfort to ask your coach questions about his own experiences and things that tap your interest. You can also demand to focus on a particular script wish to practice on.

A feeling of isolation

When it’s only you and your coach, feeling like you’re working in a bubble may arise. At some point, you may feel the need to be part of a team too and meet fellow voice actors.

Individual lesson plan

Because you paid for an exclusive training, your lessons are also tailored to your needs and wants. Your coach can personalize the lesson plan, giving you the opportunity to experiment with your material.

More expensive
You are the only student paying for the class, hence, it costs higher than group sessions.
Personal consultation

Being the only student in the class gives your coach the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, give you honest feedback about areas that need improvement and applaud you for the areas you excelled in. You also have the freedom to consult your coach for career-related questions and tips.

Fewer feedback

Because it’s only you and your coach, you are narrowed by a single feedback. To be totally honest, at some point you may feel like your coach’s opinion does not completely jive with what you think especially if you are a full-fledged actor already. Listening to more than one feedback makes you see how others think and reflect on them to help you come up with better decisions on taking the next step.

More microphone time

Mic time is most talents’ favorite part of the session. You paid for an exclusive coaching, thus, you can enjoy working behind the mic as long as you want to within the session.

You may have to travel to your coach’s studio

Some of the best voiceover coaches are located in metropolitan centers such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. If you desire to study in the flesh, you would need to adjust to your coach’s location.

Group Voiceover Class



Much cheaper than one-on-one coaching
If you are a novice frolicking in the beginner slopes, group class is not a bad choice for your first coaching session. You are still testing the waters so you might initially consider spending a moderate amount for group coaching classes.
Less exclusive attention
You cannot demand to pause and focus on specific words you’re having a hard time delivering. Your coach needs to divide his time and attention to all of you in the class who equally paid for the training.
You can watch others perform
One great thing about group classes is you get to meet other voice actors and watch their performance. You can secretly acquire the good qualities they possess and apply them to your own performance.
Can make you uncomfortable when others see you perform
On the other way around, your classmates can see you perform. If you are someone who is conscious of how you look and speak, this may not be for you. It can affect your performance and probably make you miss the chance of giving your best shot during the session.
More feedback to receive and chance to give feedback too
The beauty about being part of a team is that you and your fellow voice actors can exchange feedback. You can hear from more than one person, which yields into a better understanding and wiser decision-making.
Less microphone time
Everyone in the class has his turn to use the microphone so you only have a limited amount of time to maximize the free use of mic, giving you less chances to discover your flaws.
A feeling of community
Being part of a team makes you feel like you have a family you can reach out to for help and support. Excluding your coach, there’s no better person who can understand you and help you gear toward your voice acting career but your fellow actor. Meeting them face to face gives the chance to hear their stories and be encouraged to make great strides.
Coaching materials may not match your skill level­
Because the coaching session for a group class is fixed, the materials ready may not be applicable to your skill level since the lessons are designed to a single target for all actors who may not be in the same stage of their career.

Both coaching formats can benefit you in the long run. The deciding factors ­upon choosing your coaching preference must be altogether geared toward your overarching gain. But for budding voice actors, starting out with group coaching class or workshop is a great way to test the waters before committing to an individual coaching class.

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