Why Beginners Should Hire a Voiceover Coach

Setting out on your own for a voiceover career sounds fulfilling. Exploring things in the industry alone will bring you to places and expose you to the ups and downs of this arena. However, having an instructor beside you makes your journey twofold smoother.

Even voice actors who have had years of experience employ coaches to help them stay in their laurels and even expand their existing skillset. Thus, if you are a newbie, investing on a coach is your ultimate beginner kit to building a solid foundation on your voice acting career.

Your voiceover coach will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and guide you throughout your journey to success. At The Voice Realm, we provide a directory for the best voiceover coaches who are apt to help you at any stage of your career. The Voice Realm coaches are based in the US, UK, and Australia. Voice actors who undergo voice training at The Voice Realm get roughly 30% more jobs.

There are many reasons as to why employing a voiceover coach is important to both beginners and established actors. Let’s hash over the reasons voice coaching plays an essential role in newbies.

Voiceover coaches are experts

First off, voiceover coaches are the experts that help you know the ins and outs of the business. No matter how much you already know about the field, there will always be something new to learn. And the learning you can have on your own is way different from the learnings a coach can bestow. They hold a wealth of concepts and techniques which you would have never thought of otherwise.

A good voice is not enough

Secondly, having a good voice is not enough to get you to work. You need to be familiarized of the technicalities and voice styles. As a professional guru, your coach can teach you the voiceover styles that you cannot fully learn by just reading self-help books. To gain knowledge of techniques and special skills and to actually apply them, training is necessary. Your voiceover coach helps you practice the ability to change cadence, range, the rise and fall of your voice, and the tone of your voice on demand in order to deliver what the client wants. For example, the direction requests to change the tone of voice here, go faster there, polish the inflection of words in that sentence, put emphasis to that word, etc. If you do not know how to control your voice, you may lose your job. By having been trained by a voiceover coach before you take on projects or even auditions, you learn how to best use your voice to sell different voiceovers.

Voiceover industry is competitive

Another reason is that the voiceover industry is competitive. Nowadays, although having inspiring success stories wherein you fell seven times and stood up eight is glorious, you may consider skyrocketing your career and buying the smart ways instead. Some newbies often make the mistake of recording and presenting a demo without undergoing training. Afterward, they wonder why they aren’t receiving auditions after sending out their demo. Casting professionals can listen to the first few seconds of your demo and figure out whether or not to accept it for use.

In the crowded market of voiceover where all are vying to be at the top, you would not want to be on the back row. By the same token, many actors have already reached the expert level. If you want to be part of the competition, your coach is going to be your best friend. Your coach will train you to quickly analyze a script or a character, and be able to deliver it accordingly on the spot.

Voiceover coach assesses strengths and weaknesses

Voiceover coaches will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and help you work on your mistakes and roadblocks. Mentors can be both your biggest critic and fiercest ally. While they appreciate your capability, coaches won’t flatter you with sugarcoated feedback that restricts you of growth. They are the ones who can point out things that you can’t see. They will tell you what to be kept up and what needs to be worked on. They will give you an unfiltered opinion about your performance which is very critical in setting your goals.

Voiceover coaches expand your network

Expanding your network is very important for your marketing goals. Your voiceover coach is your best connection to the industry. With their established networks in various sectors of the industry, they can give you job opportunities based on your forte. You also get to meet other voice actors and can learn from them.

The benefits you can reap from hiring a voiceover coach sounds promising. However, the success of a coaching session will depend on many factors such as your willingness to commit to the process and to accept criticisms.

If you are planning to have a shot at voiceover career, you might as well consider registering for The Voice Realm coaching classes and be one of the successful students who are now making great strides in the market.

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