Go Get Those Stars! Why Getting Reviews is Good For Your VO Business?

As a kid, getting stars from your teacher means you did a good job! People or other kids will look at you, and they would know what those stars mean too. In today’s time, if you get five stars on a review, that means your business is doing great too! Getting positive feedback and reviews not only encourage you to do better in your business. Nowadays, before you purchase stuff online, you look at the reviews about the product. These reviews serve as your basis if the product is worth buying for. Good reviews means the product is good!

Why are reviews important?

Just like other businesses, your voice over business, being a service business, can generate more opportunities through positive ratings and reviews.A study shows that 73% of clients or buyers trust businesses that have positive reviews, and 94% of online shoppers reported that a negative review has convinced them to avoid visiting a business! Even on websites for freelancers and independent contractors, one of the first things a potential client or buyer would look at is the rating. Client reviews can be used as a marketing tool to help boost your credibility as a voice over business. Reviews about your company can say a lot about how you do your business, it will also build up our brand, and it will also affect your image.

How do I make my clients leave a good review on your website?

Do not hesitate to ask.

The fear of getting a bad review can stop you from creating a system for clients to leave reviews, but don’t be afraid to ask, and never ever hesitate to ask for their feedback.

If you are confident that you are always delivering great work, and that you are providing an exemplary client experience all the time, then you should have no fear in asking. Also, if you believe that you are credible enough, the more reasons to ask for reviews. Knowing that you have done your voice over as directed and you left your client happy and satisfied would make it easier for you to remind them to leave a review.

The important thing to remember is that the client should be HAPPY and SATISFIED.

Take note, you should also cater bad reviews because receiving bad feedback could help you improve. Do not just receive it, you have to know why they gave you such feedback.

Always Give a Reward

Doing well, if not a great job on your project can be more than a good reason for your clients to leave you amazing reviews. A simple reminder can be enough, however some clients may need a little more push.

Providing a reward when a client leaves a review can encourage them to take time to do it. But remember do not lead the client into thinking that i that they will only be rewarded if they give you a great review. Give an incentive regardless of the review, as these are clients who have already expressed good feedback on your performance, they just need to write it down.

Your incentive can be a discount on their next project, or free additional pick-ups when needed, even linking up their website to their review can be considered a great reward… so be creative!

Make it Easy

Too many steps can discourage clients to leave a review. Make it easy for your voice over clients to leave a review. Too many steps may discourage them from completing a fantastic feedback. The simpler it is to write a review, the higher the probability that they will take time to write you one.

In your message or email reminder, give them the direct link to the review page. Have an official site or page for your reviews. It can be a page on your website or in your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Remember to always talk to your clients politely, and always offer them ease of access so they will not find it hard to leave those awesome reviews. 

Be Responsive. Always.

You can never please everyone so, even if you are aiming to have happy and satisfied clients when asking for reviews. There may be negative remarks or reviews that can sneak up on you, and the worst thing to do is ignoring it.

Respond positively and quickly whether a client leaves a positive or negative review. Provide solutions to any issues. Acknowledging great reviews and taking action on the negative ones will show off to your current and potential clients how responsive and responsible you are.It will also show how good you are with customers.

Take every review as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your skills, of what you are capable of, and what you can improve on. 

We, as a company, loves to get reviews so we can always improve. If you have the time, read reviews about us, and try our services!

How do you respond to negative reviews on your business? How do you use it to improve your company’s credibility? What do you think about us? Share it with us!

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