Joy Lyn Shaw… Breaking The Voice Realm Record!

Getting multiple projects booked from a client at one time is nothing new to The Voice Realm. We have had at one time, 100 plus projects booked by a single client, hiring several talents across various languages and gender. But a recent multiple booking is one for the books – a record breaking FOURTEEN projects by a single client hiring a single voice over talent!

We caught up with Joy Lyn Shaw, the new record holder for the most number of projects booked in a single day, for her to share experience on being awarded these projects and her experience so far with The Voice Realm.

Joy Lyn Shaw has been a professional voice over talent for almost 11 years. What nudged her into that direction was because of a happy accident back in her college radio station…

“I really got into radio/voice over by accident. My brother has a deep, resonant voice and so he was the one who paved the way. When he quit his job at the college radio station to transfer to a new school, I tried out and replaced him. I’ve been doing some sort of audio ever since. I kept doing it because it’s so much fun and it was a nice distraction from my school work,” shared Joy.

“During that time I was getting a degree in education, but after a year of classroom observation I realized I didn’t want to teach. I was loving my radio job, so decided to switch over to broadcast journalism as my major.”

“The long and short of it, I got my degree, had a baby and set up my voice studio at home and have been doing it ever since, so you could say I’ve been talking in a mic for 18 years. Eek! I can’t believe it’s been that long!” exclaimed Joy.

I thought it was duplicate emails for the same job!

“When I saw the first 3 jobs pop up in my email, I just figured it was a mistake and there was a bug in the system. I thought it was duplicate emails for the same job. Then I saw that they all had different names and job ID’s. I was pretty excited!” Joy beamed.

It was an exciting day for all of us, even for those behind the scenes. Similar to Joy, the team initially thought that there must be some issue as we start to see the project notifications come through one after another. But on closer inspection they were different projects all assigned to one talent – Joy!


Talent, Experience, and Professionalism Always Shine Through

Known for making a great impression with her voice, Joy projects professionalism and lends a positive image to any brand she reads for. In the voice casting alone, Joy was able to embrace the needs of the client and represent that in her submission. There is no doubt that these qualities are what gravitated the client towards Joy.

“Working with the client has been great! I did a couple jobs for this client awhile back, so I already had a sense for what they wanted, so the process has been smooth. When they want a change, they post it in the comments field of the job the change is needed in. I can quickly pull that recording up and make the change and upload it to the site. It’s painless.”

Throughout the process, Joy showed her experience and professionalism in how she managed all 14 projects with less than a week deadline.

“I set aside a block of time to work through each project one by one. The client sent a video with a scratch track for each job so I could hear the interview segment leading into each voice over line. This helped me decide on intonation and pacing and voice it appropriately. I think this really helped cut down on the back and forth, so the first try on most everything was golden,” she shared.


The Voice Realm is Great!

Joy Lyn Shaw has been with The Voice Realm since our first year. Joy saw an ad online of the then fledgling voice over casting site and decided why not give it a try. From then on, Joy has been one of the top preferred voice over talents of the site and has been with The Voice Realm for almost 5 years.

When asked what she initially caught her attention, Joy shared, “I liked the smaller fee to join and figured it was worth a shot. Then I started getting work, so now the fee pays for itself, so I’ve kept with it.”

She added, “The Voice Realm is great. I’ve always had quick responses to questions I have from Voice Realm staff. Working with the clients is always hassle free too and I love the built in fee system. That’s my least favorite part of being a voice talent is negotiating rate. I don’t have to worry about that part with the Voice Realm because the fee is set.”

 Joy Lyn Shaw showcased her amazing talent, experience and professionalism all throughout the audition and hiring process. These are qualities that a talent should always put forward to be a success in the voice over industry.

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