Interview With An Australian Voice Actor — Graeme Stone

Seeing how most voice actors shift from their career in the radio station to the lucrative job in a recording studio is incredibly amazing. Although they already have a foundation about the nature of work, radio announcers have a lot of habits that are hard to break.

One of these voice actors whose career has boomed from the transition is Graeme Stone, a prestigious Australian Voice Actor who has almost 25 years of experience in the industry, 6 years from those are with The Voice Realm.

Originally a night announcer and a music director for 11 years, Graeme is truly inspiring for not boxing himself of the better career opportunities that the rise of internet has brought. Amidst the digital evolution, he wasted no chance to take advantage of the internet blow up by setting up his own home studio that lent him a solid stepping stone in entering the world of voice over.

Let’s hear about his journey for having a steady stream of work in the voice over realm.

1. How long have you been in the voice acting industry and how did you get started?

Since 1995, i was one of the early home studio setups who saw a chance to make a reasonable living with the dawn of the Internet. My original background was a radio career prior to this.

2. As a freelance voice actor, what can you say about working from home?

It’s very rewarding to be in charge of your own destiny. Lots of freedom and no work office politics!

3. The Voice Realm is one of the online voice casting sites you are subscribed to. How long have you been with TVR and what made you start a job with us?

Wow it must be at least 5-6 years. Being US based it was very appealing to be part of a team working from here in Australia. I see TVR as a global brand ambassador and one I wanted to be part of. A leader in its field! It gave a chance to VOs not living in Capital cities to offer a real alternative without the travel dramas.

Graeme Stone
Graeme Stone

4. How is it different from other casting sites you’ve seen?

Direction is straight forward, rates of pay are genuine and i like the variety of work.

5. How fast and often do you get booked for a job with us?

I do a lot of demos, and in recent times i am seeing an increase in paid jobs monthly. Thank you!

6. Can you rate the quality of the jobs you get through the voice casting site?

The jobs are always good quality. It’s refreshing to see global brands moving towards our booking system for voice talent who can deliver without the need of booking independent studios in Capital cities and receive the same high quality.

7. What are the best experiences you like working with The Voice Realm?

Receiving a script with a generous deadline, offering a great read and then having clients that are happy with my work. Exceeding their expectations!

8. What are the challenges you have encountered in The Voice Realm?

Really none at all with this work, although sometimes you often wonder why you missed a job when you thought you were hitting the direction required.

9. What are the areas of improvement that you see?

Feedback for demos that do not progress to a booked job.

10. How did you find the customer service of TVR?

Brilliant, always helpful and quick to respond.

11. Where do you see the future of the voice over industry going?

Very much like where it is now, although with more and more voice artists we have to be careful that clients do become a little more selective on who they choose. I hear a lot of average readers and wonder why ? 

12. What are some of the benefits you’ve found from being in control of which jobs you audition for?

Obviously as you get older you gain a feel for which jobs you are suited to as your voice ages, so its a benefit to not apply for auditions  you  really believe  your not suited for.

13. How likely are you to recommend The Voice Realm and why?

I strongly believe the client gets a great selection process that is unbiased, with a professional result. So this is why i would recommend The Voice Realm.

14. How long do you see yourself staying with TVR?

Ha ha, as long as they like what i do and the prompt service i offer.

To learn more about Graeme and his works, you can check out his LinkedIn profile, subscribe to his youtube channel and listen to his voice over recordings!

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