Satisfied Clients is Good for Your VO Business

In every business, having a good relationship with the people you work with is the most important. In the voice acting field, when clients are happy with the talent’s work, there is a big chance that the business between them will be continuous. Either the client will make the talents their favorite, or, the clients will refer them to other clients, and the cycle will go on and on. 

In building a good relationship, the most crucial part is each other’s first impression. They say that first impression lasts, and it is true. If you did a good job at establishing yourself as a professional voice actor at your first job with a new client, they will definitely remember it. This first impression will also bring you to places. 

How is making my clients happy beneficial on my career as a voice actor?

Doing a very good job will make clients happy. Happy and satisfied clients will also be your ticket to get continuous job offers. Happy and satisfied business partners always leave positive reviews, and these positive reviews can help you establish a great reputation for yourself, and how you do your work. This will give your future clients an idea that you are indeed a professional when it comes to work, and this will give them an impression that you are someone whom they can get along with. This can also strengthen your network, and your inner circle. Being able to have acquaintances in the business can really help you. Knowing people in the business can make looking for job less stressful. Being recommended by people can boost your inner, and public profile.

Making your clients happy and satisfied will not cost you a penny. You can do things with exerting only a little effort. But these few little things can help you in your journey as a voice actor.

As a voice actor, what can I do to keep the clients happy and satisfied?

Here are 5 simple things that you can do to keep clients happy:

Beat the deadline!

Submitting your piece on time is ok, but if you finish it prior to the deadline, better! You have to bear in mind that your client has their own deadline too. Help your client finish ahead of the schedule and of course, they’ll be happy. Submitting your piece will also buy your client some time to check if they want to make some modifications on your recording. 

Accommodate their request if they want something to be fixed. 

When a client asks for a small fix, a quick change or a slight tweak in your recording… do it! Of course, we know that you gave your best to make the first one flawless, but of course, you should not hesitate to accommodate the request of your client. Remember that the clients chose you for the job, because they know what fits the job. Also, there is a big chance that the clients already have a finished products in their minds, so if they want to change something in your recording, do not make it a big deal. By doing this, you can make them feel special by providing them great, and professional service. Just do it and they’ll be happy.

Always be reachable 

If you have auditioned for a job, you have to keep your lines open. Checking your email, and your voicemail should be part of your daily routine. If a client sent you an email, you should reply immediately. If you missed their call, you have to return it fast! Don’t make clients wait. Reply as soon as conveniently possible and they’ll be happy. Making them feel that they are your priority will definitely make them feel glad. As a voice actor, it would also be great to create a professional voicemail. Make sure that all of the details that they need would be in there. Do not forget your home phone, email, or any other contact numbers where they can reach if you are unavailable in your main phone number. 

Be obedient.

Giving your opinion on how you can make the project better is okay, but don’t question or argue with the client. Yes, you are a Professional Voice Talent. Yes, you have been doing this for years. Yes, you may know a thing or two about delivering a script. But remember, IT IS THEIR PROJECT. You must follow their preferences, because it might be part of their strategy. If they have a preference, you must follow it. If they want it to be read in a certain way, do it. You can offer a suggestion but just remember if they say no that you’re the hired voice and it’s your job to do what they ask. Do it and they’ll be happy.

Recommend them too 

As a voice actor, you may have asked the client for a copy to use for your demo purposes. It would not hurt you to promote the client behind the project you just made. After a good deal, the client will definitely promote you. Telling people how good they are at doing their job will make them feel very happy, because that means that working with them made you happy, and satisfied too! Recommending them is like giving them a positive feedback for a job well done. You do not need to dedicate an entire page for them. You don’t need to go overboard, but a few free plugs will make them happy.


Remember these steps, and do it sincerely. These can help you become better, but be careful, sometimes, there are clients who can be abusive so you need to watch out for them. 


Have you been recommended by clients? Do you have previous clients that became your friends? Share your experience with us!

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