Voice Talent And Customer Service

Would you believe that no matter what title is attached to your name, your basic role is still customer service? Oh yes, as long as someone is paying for your services – you are in customer service. Voice actors are no different, in fact, voice actors have the advertising agency to please, and then the advertising agency’s target customers to convince.

Now how to be successful as a voice actor?

There’s really nothing special to it – just a few practical advice we all know but somehow forget along the way, or take fore granted. The idea is simple – deliver the best service you can to a client and you have the formula to success.


Best foot forward.

Your voice over audio must be top sound quality. The job direction followed to the letter. The overall recording must be something like the brand is yours, the character is you. Not just a recording you did for a job.
Double check your audio before you deliver – no skips, no static and that you deliver the correct file format.


Start working way before the deadline.

There a number of practical reasons why a voice actor would want to start reading the script and recording way before the deadline. Doing so gives you enough time to review what you have to work with and communicate with the client if clarifications are needed.


Do your own research.

Sometimes provide a job description that isn’t all that complete and then do not respond immediately to clarification questions. In situations like this, you will need to do your own research especially in words or names you are not sure how to pronounce. Look it up – check out the company’s previous ads. This shows you have initiative and are pro-active.


Deliver with variation.

In the same theme as above, it would be good to deliver two recordings. But only if necessary. Like when the script carries a brand name you are not sure how to pronounce and the internet yielded more than one result. Again this helps a voice actor earn brownie points and increases your chances of being hired by the same client again.


Deliver before the deadline.

When being offered a project, one of the things a voice actor looks at is the deadline for it. Anticipate hitches. One of your equipment might break down and you might need to record in a different studio. Or, your internet connection goes out of whack and the deadline for the project is fast approaching you will need to send over the audio file soon. So many small things that could go wrong but does not necessarily need to be stressful if you have time to fix it. Even better if the audio was delivered before the deadline. You are free for the next project that comes in!


Invoice promptly.

Having an invoice ready means you have it on hand to provide when it gets to that but not necessarily to deliver receivedwhen the audio file is delivered. Give the client time to listen to your audio and to check if there are issues. When all goes well, most of the time they ask for the invoice and are ready to close out the transaction. If not, it would be professional and considerate of you to have allowed them a period of time to go over your work.

Excellent voice over work and, professional and good communication may sound basic but may sometimes be not all that easy. Some clients may prove to be hard to work with but what we must remember is that they still are paying clients and they are paying you for your talent and your service. Earn your reputation and when you have established a good reputation, it will only serve you well in the long run.

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